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About Us

We manufacture and distribute on a global basis to produce high quality products at a competitive price. Our global warehouse locations allow our customers to store excess product to quickly and conveniently supply their production line. We will provide you with the best solution to guarantee 100% on-time delivery.


Viking Products continuously improves its processes and services to provide quality engineered products. Our environment of team involvement is committed to satisfying the needs and expectations of its customers and to provide timely delivery. Our goal is to maintain a good relationship with our customers, suppliers, employees and community.

Viking Products is organized to provide the convenience to our customers of dealing with one company that will manage quality, costs containment, engineering, shipping and administration.

Viking Products is committed to provide professional service through values of timeliness and professionalism in dealing with suppliers and customers.

Our Company

Viking Products is a privately held ISO 9001/IATF 16949 supplier to manufacturers in the Automotive, Alternative Energy, Heavy Duty & Commercial Vehicle, Appliance, Lawn & Garden, and Office Furniture industries since 1985. Exceptional customer service, exceeding customer expectations and world-class quality have been the drivers of our company’s substantial growth in these industries.

Global capabilities and advanced engineering experience allow us to provide low-cost solutions with exceptional quality. Our staff of experienced and resourceful engineers provide our customers with valuable insight throughout the product development process.

Our common goal is to ensure the product meets our customer’s product design and functional intent, at the lowest possible cost. Our professional staff has proven experience in services including product design, manufacturing solutions, and product validation testing.

Continuous improvement is our philosophy and it drives each one of our experienced and professional employees to look for new, better and more efficient answers. Research, technology, and testing allow us to consistently meet our customer’s ever-increasing needs.


Viking Products has grown over the last three decades through its supply of products to the automotive industry, but our capabilities extend to a variety of established and emerging industries.







Our Locations

Viking Products' Representatives and Warehouse Locations are scattered throughout the globe with future expansions planned for Europe and South America.

Chicago, IL

Lafayette, IN

Grand Rapids, MI

Farmington Hills, MI

Kansas City, MO

Clarksville, TN

Laredo, TX

Ingersoll, Canada

Seoul, South Korea

Hermosillo, Mexico

Monterrey, Mexico

Puebla, Mexico

Queretaro, Mexico

Salamanca, Mexico

Kaohsiung, Taiwan